Suite Builder 1:1

Enough with the excuses and fear-- it's time to get the stuff done. 


Skipping to the Good Part

Years of frustration in my career. 

Stumbling around wasting time and money on my entrepreneurial dreams. 

Denying my TRUEST desires for my life because I thought they were impossible.


Then I decided to get some help- 

  • My dreams turned into a 6 figure company— like over a quarter of a million in sales! 
  • I became bold in my choices. I don’t wait for someone to give me permission. 
  • I became the community advocate that I yearned to be during my teaching career. 

The leaps I’ve made in my company— my spirituality— my health—my personal life— came from getting support. 


I want to invite you to SKIP TO THE GOOD PART. 


Skip the part where you second guess your path. 

Skip the part where you continue to get frustrated with new skills. 

Skip the part where you are afraid of failure (failure is one of my most powerful tools!)

Skip to boldness

Skip to bliss

Skip to walking in your purpose EVERYDAY! 

Skip to taking your dreams of entrepreneurship  and taking profitable actions! 

Skip past the disappointment and fears

Skip to the best version of yourself- stretched to your FULL potential! 

I'm ready!

What clients are saying...

"The Suite Builder is a holistic experience. My problem wasn't necessarily about getting the information or knowledge to start my business but more about routine, discipline and mindset. People often forget about these things but they make up the entrepreneurial foundation. Amy has helped me show up more and more as the CEO I truly am than ever before. She guides, she pushes, and she gets REAL. I recently had my husband sit in on our session and we had a three-hour conversation after JUST about our business! It's become a necessity to connect with her throughout the week --- it's hard to imagine what I even did before 😭 I truly am happy and thankful I chose Amy as my business coach!

Natalie S., Saintly Real Estate Solutions

Course Outline


Month 1

Social Media Overhaul: Establish your expertise

Month 2

Audience Case Study: What does your ideal client really want?

Month 3

Product/Service Audit/Alignment: Does the data support your offerings?

Month 4

Product and Sales Funnel Development

Month 5

Branding Big: How to scale into an in-demand expert in your industry

Social Media Prompts are provided every 6 weeks

Weekly mindset journal prompts are included

Month 6

Money Mindset

Maximizing your Potential